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CPD was originally formed in 2004 under the company name CarPe Diem Enterprises. This innovative program was inspired from a communications class at Stanford University and the idea of mentors for football players. With the assistance of the late legendary San Francisco 49ers coach Bill Walsh, Executive Director Eliel Swinton was able to compile a collection of some of the best former student-athletes in the Los Angeles County. They worked together to ensure that young American men heard and understood the “lessons of life” one experiences while playing sports and the character benefits one can obtain after their sports career is over. The curriculum for this program had an immediate impact on many of its participants. These young men developed their mental education and physical skills which allowed them to excel both on and off the field. They applied our theories of thought into their daily lives and reached success.


In 2007 CPD diversified and created CarPe Diem Sports Academy a not for profit 501(c)3  to not only service football players, but the entire community. The academy is comprised of two programs, the After-School Program and the Weekend Program, which implement teachings from our W.I.N. 4 Life Team TM.  We consult and network with individuals, businesses, personal trainers, coaches, schools, and non-profit organizations to create programs based around physical activist which help empower today’s families. Each entity involved with CPD has dedicated time, energy, and one’s heart to help support our mission and the goals of our partners. Collectively, the CPD consulting network staff meets regularly to strategize about new outreach programs.  CPD is now currently funded by Individual Families, Sponsors, Donors, and Grants.