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robotCPD Weekend Program

Designed to support student-athletes and parents by providing professional instructors with former and current athletes to mentor our youth through the challenges of being student-athletes and life after sports.

Our main objective is to use “sports and education” to:

  • Understand      Character and Self-Discipline
  • Reach the      student and parent’s Dreams and realistic expectations of sports and      school.
  • Receive a      Free Education based on Sports and school.
  • Receive      Networking opportunities.

This all season program (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) takes place 30 times a year and runs on Saturdays OR Sundays depending on the location.   The program is designed for Student -Athletes of all ages, genders, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and skill sets.

Student-Athletes in the weekend program are referred to as

  1. Junior      Varsity (1st-6th),
  2. Varsity      (7th-12th),
  3. or Elite      (Approved high school- Collegiate level).


Our staff consists of current and former athletes who have played at the college level or beyond. They serve as coaches and mentors to guide the Student-Athlete in dealing with life’s expectations.

Our goal is to eliminate the negative athletic role models in society and replace them with a generation of men and women who are leaders with strong character, communication skills, and an understanding of their community.