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CPD Week Day Program

This 10 week program takes place on-location at different Non-profit Organizations throughout Southern California and runs on varying days throughout the week. The program is geared toward youth of all ages, genders, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. Members enrolled in this program participate in a 4 hour training session led by professional instructors. The curriculum focuses on youth life skills, goal setting, leadership training, mentorship, nutrition and physical activity. We reinforce this curriculum through our exclusive “W.I.N.-4-Life” (W4L) Game, in which the youth will participate every session and earn tickets for the award ceremony at the culmination of our 10 week program.

Each visit we have a W4L team member teach and discuss a chosen topic, including character development, healthy lifestyle choices, life visioning, goal setting, and effective study habits. In the game, the youth earn tickets by engaging in interesting and challenging group discussions, participating in activities, making healthy decisions, and their individual academic achievement. We strive to take the youth out of their comfort zones by asking them to try new foods, act out various character traits, plan and organize their time, and think about their lives in different ways.

We physically challenge the youth by putting them through Coach E’s training series, based on the drills and equipment from Nike SPARQ.   They participate in dynamic warm-up exercises, speed and agility training, ladder and hurdle drills, relay races, obstacle courses and sled-pulling.  Other professional presenters train the youth in specific sporting styles, from martial arts to soccer. We also use the Hop Sports video system, which keep the sessions entertaining while allowing them to exercise to videos based on athletic movements including but not limited to basketball, dance, football, and Karate.

At the culmination of our 10-week program, the youth are rewarded for their participation in all of the activities and making healthy choices in the face of tremendous challenges. We have team winners, individual winners, and age-group winners.  Prizes in the past have included video gaming systems (X-Box 360, etc.), tickets to professional sporting events, sporting equipment, and clothes.